Writing and Wellbeing Retreat


Details of a subsidised retreat with mentorship opportunity for women poets.

***Deadline for applications: 11th August, 2018***

What is it?

A subsidised (£150 instead of full price £275) place at the Hedge Arts Wuthering Heights Writing and Wellbeing Retreat 14 – 16 September 2018.

A year of mentorship with poet Ruby Robinson.

I am delighted that I’ve been invited to deliver a reading/talk and workshop at this retreat for women, run by Hedge Arts. To further support the retreat and its ethos of support and empowerment, I will be sponsoring a subsidised place at the retreat with ongoing mentoring for a poet who has not yet published a full length collection.


Over the last few years I have been helped and supported in terms of my poetry career and personal life in ways I never imagined possible. A few key people have encouraged me at times when significant personal challenges might have otherwise proved too much of a barrier to pursuing my development as a poet. It has been an unexpected and empowering process and I’m grateful to those who’ve supported me and helped me to keep writing and build a life for myself.

I recognise that the support and opportunities I’ve been given have been, in large part, due to the institutional privilege I have as a white, economically stable, university-educated woman. I know there are writers currently facing similar personal challenges further compounded by institutional discrimination and bias. I am now in a position where I can try to connect with poets who might face these barriers in order to help them access opportunities for developing their work and connecting with other writers.

Who can apply?

I’m pleased to be able to offer via Hedge Arts one discounted place (the fee will be £150 instead of £275) on the retreat to a poet who has not yet had a book publication and for whom the subsidy will make their attendance possible. I’d also like to offer them continued support for one year after the workshop, via bi-monthly (face-to-face / Skype) meetings and email, to chat about writing and anything else that may feel useful for their work.

Specifically, I’m reaching out to women poets of colour, women poets who identify as LGBTQI+, disabled* women poets, and women who grew up in the care system. Our experiences will differ hugely, and I am hoping this will be a source of enrichment, learning, support and development for us both.

How to apply

Please send up to 150 words about why you’re interested in attending this opportunity, along with a sample poem up to 40 lines to everylittlesound@hotmail.com. Please include an idea of where you’re based (to work out if meeting in person for mentoring is feasible 🙂 I’m in Sheffield…) I’ll get back to you by 15th August at the latest (and probably before then if I get a lot of enquiries early on…) if I’m able to offer you the subsidy & mentoring.

Please get in touch if you are interested or have any questions: everylittlesound@hotmail.com






*please note that not all the activities at the retreat are fully physically accessible to all. Any questions about this should go to the retreat organisers.